Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Publication date: Oct. 6, 2020

Susan's review:

This book originally appealed to me because it sound suspenseful. I didn’t think this book would take such a turn.

During the first few chapters, I quickly developed a dislike for Amanda. She seemed critical, angry, and unhappy with most things in her life. She and her husband Clay were on a vacation trip with their family. They were renting a home in a rural location to get away from the stresses of the city. They would have this upscale home to themselves.

Clay seems lost and though he tries to be a good husband and dad, he fears falling short. In fact, he gets lost trying to find his way to town. Amanda’s disappointment in Clay is evident throughout the book.

Later in the day, their vacation was interrupted when the owners abruptly return to their home with the news that something terrible happens but they have no idea of the
nature. The owners offer to pay them back for the inconvenience of interrupting their vacation but Amanda is very angry with the couple and refuses to leave.

From this point, the story is focused on the fears, dreams, and disappointments of the four adults as well as the children. Events happen that are frightening and their uncertainty begins to cause panic as life takes an apocalyptic turn.

If you like multilayered characters, this book is for you. It explores many sides of issues we are currently facing; love, disappointment, race issues such as white privilege and stereotypes of black families, raising children, feeling hopeless, fighting panic, and ultimately finding acceptance and letting go.

 Leave the World Behind: A Novel by [Rumaan Alam]

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