Handwriting on the Wall


Handwriting on the Wall

Dr. David Jeremiah


Dr. David Jeremiah gives a timely reminder of the importance of sharing the gospel. Aimed at Christian believers, he encourages us to continue to walk in Faith, which is especially important now more than ever. Dr. Jeremiah takes a look at the book and the life of Daniel, providing relevant context and background to the trials that Daniel and his contemporaries face while in captivity under the Babylonian empire, as well as prophecy that is revealed for end times. Dr. Jeremiah provides clear insight into history and prophecy and draws relevant conclusions for believers to consider during their walk of faith.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book in that Dr. Jeremiah’s approach to the book of Daniel was refreshing and relevant. There were a few opinions that he shared that I didn’t necessarily agree with, but those opinions were clearly his own and not derived from misinterpretation of Scripture. All in all, I thought his message was clear and his interpretation sound. This book definitely added to my knowledge and I would recommend it to others as a way to add to personal understanding of the Book of Daniel.



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4 out of 5 stars.